The long awaited 3rd studio album of SA CHH activist veteran – “Incense” dropped this past Monday (16/04/2018)

“Every season of life comes and goes, whether good or bad. Nothing just happens in life. The process is my therapy session for all the trying seasons I’ve been confronted with since losing my mother in 2014. Job 23:10 “for He knows the way that I take, when he has tried me I shall come forth as gold”. The Process is a bare necessity” Incense said.

With it’s release “Process” kept adding onto Incense’s story of being refined and coming out as gold at the end. Because this album hit the number 6 spot on the SA iTunes Hip Hop Charts on the day of release. It did not end there, by the second day it had hit the number 2 spot, speaking volumes about the masses that support SACHH. It is certainly a victory for Incense and a major win for SA CHH.

Incense adds “The emotion is raw in the music so the plan was to go for the strongest and most precise songs in as far as the theme of the album is concerned. After recording over 20 songs, I picked only the strongest 11 for the album and had the pleasure of working with a talented 16 year old producer HK Beats, who’s got more production credits on the album. He was 14 when we started making music. Other production credits include REAL SOAK, MAN D, Bonafide & Oddigital.”

Big ups to the homie for this work. Go get it, if you haven’t already!